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 Article statusDate reviewed
Apraxia of Eyelid OpeningUp to Date9 August 2023
Asian Blepharoplasty (Double Eyelid Procedure)Up to Date5 June 2023
BlepharitisUp to Date4 September 2023
BlepharospasmUp to Date16 April 2023
Breast Carcinoma Metastatic to the OrbitUp to Date16 April 2023
Conjunctival Reactive Lymphoid HyperplasiaUp to Date19 July 2023
CryptophthalmosUp to Date23 September 2023
DacryocystorhinostomyUp to Date4 September 2023
Demodex InfestationUp to Date25 April 2023
DermatochalasisUp to Date22 April 2023
Dermis Fat GraftUp to Date22 April 2023
Dermoid CystUp to Date1 May 2023
EpiblepharonUp to Date1 May 2023
Epicanthal FoldsUp to Date1 May 2023
Eye in NumbersUp to Date30 June 2023
Infraorbital Rim/Tear Trough Implants in Context of Thyroid Eye Disease/Prominent GlobeUp to Date20 June 2023
Lacrimal Gland AbscessUp to Date5 August 2023
Malar / Midface DescentUp to Date29 August 2023
Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction, CongenitalUp to Date1 May 2023
Nerve Supply of the EyelidsUp to Date1 May 2023
OncocytomaUp to Date4 September 2023
Ophthalmic Artery PseudoaneurysmUp to Date15 July 2023
Orbital Cavernous Venous Malformation (Cavernous Hemangioma)Up to Date16 April 2023
Orbital CellulitisUp to Date1 May 2023
Periorbital Necrotizing FasciitisUp to Date22 April 2023
Photo-OculodyniaUp to Date5 July 2023
PilomatrixomaUp to Date10 May 2023
Preseptal CellulitisUp to Date22 April 2023
Prostaglandin Associated PeriorbitopathyUp to Date22 April 2023
Schwartz-Jampel SyndromeUp to Date19 July 2023
Secondary Acquired Nasolacrimal Duct ObstructionUp to Date16 April 2023
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