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Featured Article for November 1, 2019

Corneal Keloids

A corneal keloid is a benign pearly, gray-white epicorneal lesion that results from abnormal proliferation of fibrous tissue and accumulation of disorganized collagen fibrils and glycoprotein, with characteristic hyperplasia of the corneal epithelium and disruption of Bowman's layer. 1 It can develop after ocular trauma or infection, or can arise congenitally and/or idiopathically. Bilateral cases of corneal keloids are typically associated with congenital disorders including Lowe Syndrome and Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome. Unlike cutaneous keloids, corneal keloids are rare and less than 100 cases have been documented in the literature since it was first described in 1865. Nonetheless, they can cause significant ocular morbidity, including decreased vision and poor cosmesis, and thus warrant attention. The following will discuss corneal keloids in detail, including associated risk factors, presentation, differential diagnosis, diagnosis, pathogenesis, and treatment.

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