Linear Interstitial Keratitis

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Disease Entity

Linear Interstitial Keratitis (LIK) is a rare linear stromal lesion of the cornea that has been reported in young adults as early as 1923 [1].


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Once postulated to be spurred by syphilitic infection, we now know from case reports that anti-treponemal antibodies are generally absent, suggesting positive serology as an incidental finding [1]. The etiology remains unknown, and histology from perforated corneas with LIK undergoing patch grafting has proven unrevealing [1].

General Pathology

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Syphilis and Lyme were once implicated in the etiology of this condition, but serologies in patients with LIK have been equivocal without clear positivity across all case reports [1, 3, 4]. Petrovic et al suggest that this condition derives from autoimmunity.


Linear corneal opacification with central thinning in LIK [1]

Diagnosis is clinical based on the linear appearance of the opacity and its response to steroid therapy. Laboratory serologies for Lyme and Syphilis may


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Physical examination

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Clinical diagnosis

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Diagnostic procedures

Diagnosis is clinical based on the linear appearance of the corneal opacity

Differential diagnosis

Interstitial keratitis

Herpes disciform endotheliitis

Herpes necrotizing keratitis

Bacterial keratitis

Fungal keratitis


Neurotrophic keratitis,


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General treatment

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Medical therapy

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Medical follow up

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Penetrating keratoplasty may be performed for perforation, but surgery is not typically recommended.

Surgical follow up

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The prognosis for recovery with steroid use appears to be good; however, inflammation tends to recur.


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  1. Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary, shared with patient guardian permission
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