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The Main Page slideshow is on this page, and is transcluded onto the Main Page.

Adding a new slide

Add a slide by editing the slideshow using a form. Click here to load the form.

  1. Click "Add another".
  2. Click the "Upload file" link to upload an image. The image ratio should be 2:1, preferably 700px X350px. Alternatively, use an existing image. The Image field uses autocomplete.
  3. Next is the Heading field. Devise an appropriate title for this slide.
  4. Then, the Link parameter makes the Image and Heading link to a certain web page. This is optional.
  5. Deprecated Finally, type in a Text field. Keep it to 1-2 sentences to avoid text overflow. Note that this will not be displayed on small screens such as smartphones.

Removing a slide

Remove a slide by clicking the "X" next to it on the form.

Rearranging the slide order

Rearrange the slide order by dragging the strip on the left side of each slide's field set.

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