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  •  Michael D. Greenwood, MD, Sarwat Salim MD, FACS, K. David Epley, M.D., Won I. Kim, MD, Dr. Kabir Hossain, Anna Murchison, MD, MPH, Zeba A. Syed, MD, Kevin
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  • Mi, MD, Dong Won Lee, MD, Jing Sun, Murtaza Adam, MD, Nisarg Joshi, MD, Sunir J.Garg, MD, Vinay A. Shah M.D. All contributors: Jennifer I Lim MD, John
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  • Original article contributed by: Won I. Kim, MD All contributors: Ahmad A. Aref, MD, MBA, Daniel B. Moore, MD, Won I. Kim, MD Assigned editor: Daniel B.
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  • Sarwat Salim MD, FACS, Ahmad A. Aref, MD, MBA, Carla J. Siegfried, MD, Won I. Kim, MD, Surbhi14 Assigned editor: Review: Assigned status Update Pending
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  •  Alpa S. Patel, M.D., Sarwat Salim MD, FACS, Jordan Scott Masters, MD, Won I. Kim, MD, Derek W DelMonte, MD, Leonard K. Seibold, MD, Sadiqa K Stelzner,
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  • MD, Vinay A. Shah M.D., Leo A. Kim, MD, PhD, Koushik Tripathy, MD (AIIMS), FRCS (Glasgow) Assigned editor: Leo A. Kim, MD, PhD Review: Assigned status
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  • 2015;160(5):1065-1072.e1. doi:10.1016/j.ajo.2015.08.012. Sung JY, Lee MW, Won YK, Lim HB, Kim JY. Clinical characteristics and prognosis of Total Rhegmatogenous
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  • bilateral, it gives rise to a Y-pattern, with divergence in upgaze; if secondary, i.e. due to a paresis of another vertical muscle, it may give rise to a V pattern
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