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A list of all pages that have property "Financial Disclosures" with value "I have no financial disclosures to declare". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • User:David.J.Wilson.SEC  + (Consultant: Centocor, iScience, Pfizer, Amira)
  • User:Zarbin  + (Consultant: Genentech, Novartis, Wyeth/PfiConsultant: Genentech, Novartis, Wyeth/Pfizer, Lilly, Bausch & Lomb, Advanced Cell Technology, Foundation Fighting Blindness</br>Grant Support: Lincy Foundation, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Advanced Cell Technology, Research to Prevent Blindess, National Eye Institute</br>Patent: University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jerseyersity of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)
  •  + (Consultant: Genentech, Regeneron, Kodiak Sciences, Novartis, Santen, ARIE, Clearside Research Funding: Regeneron, Genentech, Novartis, Santen)
  • User:Jason.Hsu  + (Consultant: Gyroscope Therapeutics, OccuRx; Grant Support: Genentech, iVERICbio, Santen)
  • User:Vivek.Patel  + (Consultant: Horizon Therapeutics)
  • User:Michael.Taravella  + (Consultant: J and J Vision Consultant: Coronet Surgical)
  • User:Sharon.F.Freedman  + (Developed the technology ROPtool. If ROPtool is commercially successful in the future, the developers and Duke University may benefit financially. Scientific consultant for Qlaris, who is making a new pediatric glaucoma drug)
  • User:Gangadhara.Sundar  + (Editor Orbital Fractures: Principles, Concepts & Management Co-editor Ocular adnexal lesions: A Clinical, Radiological & Pathological correlation)
  • User:Albert.Li  + (Elsevier: One-time work in 2014 for non-ophthalmology related (human physiology) book review)
  • User:Robert.Sambursky  + (Employed by Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc.)
  • User:Daniel.Brocks  + (Employee of BostonSight)
  • User:Thomas A. Ciulla MD  + (Employment relationship: Opthotech)
  • User:Thomas.Ciulla  + (Employment relationship: Opthotech)
  • User:Reza.Dana  + (Equity in: Aramis Biosciences, Claris Biotherapeutics, SightStream Therapeutics, Ocucell, Boston Eye Diagnostics, GelMEDIX, Entelexo Consultant for: EyeBio, Kowa)
  • User:Joseph.Coney  + (Financial Disclosure Aerpio: Grant SupportFinancial Disclosure</br>Aerpio: Grant Support</br>Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: Lecture Fees, Grant Support</br>Alimera Sciences: Lecture Fees</br>Allergan: Consultant/Advisor, Grant Support</br>Apellis: Grant Support</br>Genentech: Consultant/Advisor, Grant Support, Lecture Fees</br>Hoffman LaRoche, Ltd: Grant Support</br>MacTel: Grant Support</br>National Eye Institute: Grant Support</br>Notal Vision: Lecture Fees</br>OHR: Grant Support</br>Ophthotech: Grant Support</br>Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: Equity Owner, Consultant/Advisor</br>Tyrogenex: Grant Supportonsultant/Advisor Tyrogenex: Grant Support)
  • User:Russell.W.Read.SEC  + (Funding from Research to Prevent Blindness. Industry research and support from Santen, EyeGate, Allergan.)
  • User:Galin.Spicer  + (Genentech - employee)
  • User:Jennifer.I.Lim.CMT  + (Genentech Speaker's Bureau, Regeneron Advisory Board, Santen Data Monitoring Committee, Alcon B & L Lumenis Pfizer/ Hospira Quark Data Monitoring Committee, AbbVie)
  • User:Tanner.ferguson  + (Glaukos (Consultant), Equinox Ophthalmic (Consultant))
  • User:Albertkhouri  + (Grant support: Allergan. NJ Health Foundation, Fund for the NJ Blind Consultant: Aerie Pharmaceuticals Speaker: Allergan, Aerie, Bausch & Lomb)
  • User:Tjebo.Heeren  + (Heidelberg Engineering (Heidelberg, Germany)- non financial support)
  • User:Paul.O.Phelps  + (Horizon Advisory Board, Horizon Speakers Panel)
  • User:Bradford.Lee  + (Horizon Pharmaceuticals: stock ownership)
  • User:Louise.A.Mawn.CMT  + (Horizon Speaker)
  • User:Adam.Altman  + (I have no financial disclosures)
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